Fitness Model And Coach Zoë Daly Talks With

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zoe daly


Name: Zoë Daly
Location:  Sydney, Australia
Height: 5’3 ~ 165cm
Weight: 116 lbs/53 kg On-Season – 123 lbs/56kg Off-Season
Occupation: Professional Fitness Model, Online Lifestyle Coach and Nutrition Consultant

When did you get started with fitness?

I have been fit and athletic my entire life, I was a TomBoy growing up and in to all sports, including being a sponsored rollerblader and skateboarder at the age of 10! I started taking my fitness more seriously in 2007 and in 2008 I became a personal trainer. In 2010 I started competing, but I had never even watched a show before and had no idea what to expect, I just went for it! I placed 3rd that day in a lineup on over 35 girls, I was instantly hooked! I have never looked back!

How do you stay so motivated? What drives you?

I am my own motivation, every day I aspire to be better that I was yesterday. I have come too far, been through too much, dodged too many curveballs, to ever give up, or get complacent in life.

We can always be more, learn more, do more, achieve more!

zoe daly

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

Last year I had a bulged disk 11 weeks out from the Worlds, I was bedridden and told my multiple specialists that I would never lift heavy again and that I should “forget competing this year”…
That made me even more determined! I was back in the gym in 2 weeks and lifting heavier than ever not long after!

What does your current training schedule/program look like?

I train weights 5 x weekly, in a spilt, legs/glutes x 2, shoulder x 1, back x 1 and arms x 1. I sometimes hit shoulders or back twice. I also do Pilates once a week.
ZOË DALY Trainer

Give us a breakdown of your daily diet.

My diet consists of whole foods only, (nothing processed) predominantly organic and is macro balanced (lean proteins, low GI complex carbs and good fats) My favourite foods are rolled oats, quinoa flakes, organic peanut butter, cashews, macadamia nuts, purple sweet potatoes, organic chicken and turkey breast, brown rice, avocados, raspberries, eggs, broccolini and asparagus.

Do you take any supplements to reach your fitness goals

I use Whey Protein Isolate and L-Glutamine post training, as well and magnesium before bed. I use my sponsors’ products: Bodyscience.
ZOE DALY WORLDSWhat is your single biggest “Fitness” related accomplishment?

Definitely placing 2nd in the World and earning Pro status at the World Titles in August 2013. I am also proud of my near 100kg deadlift! Aiming for 110kg, double my bodyweight ☺

Is there anyone in the fitness industry you look up to?

Sure! I really admire Jamie Eason.

Name a fitness “Myth” that just isn’t true no matter how many times you hear it.

That you need to cut carbs to be lean, I cringe every time I hear this!

Tips for our readers to achieve their fitness dreams

My top tips are to enjoy a balanced diet containing all 3 macro nutrients, strength train 4-5 x weekly, do Pliates to build a strong core and get PLENTY of rest and 8 hours sleep every night. This is often the missing piece of the puzzle and the element that is most overlooked, but most important!

Favorite Quote

Positivity is like a Boomerang- send it out and it will surely come back to you – Zoë Daly


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