Track Your Workouts To Ensure Progression

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You work out several times a week with great intensity you never miss a workout and your diet is spot on but you’re still not seeing the results you want. Looking back on things you realize you’ve been doing the same workout with the same weights for months now. Does this sound like you?

Not keeping proper logs of your workouts is a very common failure that can be easily overcome.


Why Should I Keep Track Of My Workouts

Keeping track of your workouts is a great way to motivate yourself and  push yourself harder than you’ve ever imagined. Nothing is more motivating than looking at a log from 6 months ago noting an exercise you are currently doing, but could only complete half the number of reps, or half the weight lifted. Another important reason to log your workouts is to have a goal every week. You load the bar up with the same weight you did last week, but have a goal to do at least one more rep than you did the previous week.

This small difference is what will make you stronger in the long run.

How Should I Log My Workouts

There are several methods you can choose, and really, whatever works for you is best. Many people like to use plain old pencil and paper, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you know what you did the previous workout and have a goal to meet or overcome that, then that’s all that is really important. Some people use their smartphones to track things. Technology has evolved to a point of enabling you to download an app and input all your weights and reps into an application on your phone that will keep track of everything for you. Both of these methods are very practical, but I will take a quick minute to show you my favorite method of logging my workouts.

Fitness App

FitOverFat’s Method

I like to plan my workouts in advance. I’ll usually pick or design a program that I want to run for several weeks, and I’ll open an excel template I’ve created, change everything for my new workout program and print them out. I keep them in an ordinary binder and fill them out between sets or after my workout. The next time I’m ready for that workout I just open my binder, and I’ve got exactly what I did last week and I challenge myself to beat my last workout.

If I only get one pound or rep more than my previous workout I win. Progress is progress!


Keeping track of your workouts in some sort of log is a small step that can really help ensure that you keep progressing toward your fitness physique goals!