Too Old To Lose The Weight

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Older Runner
“Once you get old you can’t lose weight.” “My body can’t handle this; you will understand when you get older.” “Losing weight is so hard when you’re over 40!” “Why do I even try anymore?” How often have these thoughts gone through your mind? Older people have the misconception of not being able to lose weight which is simply not true.

Although their metabolism may have slowed down with age, they are still very capable of losing fat.


Gaining weight over time is mostly due to an energy imbalance. As your body ages, many things seem to change. Your metabolism seems to slow down, your body loses muscle mass, and many people put on weight they surely don’t want. Sadly as you get older and your metabolism slows down, your body will burn less calories.

This means if eating and exercise habits aren’t changing while your body is, then you certainly can’t expect to lose weight.

Where do I start?

The fix is very simple. You’re used to your younger years where going on a diet for a few weeks meant losing five or ten pounds easy, right? It might take more dedication now since your body is experiencing changes, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Portion control is the first and most important step. Providing a calorie deficiency is absolutely essential to weight loss. Eating clean is the second step. Ridding your body of junk foods, toxins, soda, hydrogenated oils, and ingredients you cannot even pronounce, will help you make the first step to looking and feeling better. Last but not least is, you guessed it, exercise. By combining a new lifestyle/diet with exercise you will essentially be turbo charging your fat loss goals.

Exercise can be the final piece to getting the scale to display the same number it did for you in your younger years.

Strength Training

Older People Working Out
I know, I know, you hate lifting weights. Many people do, but strength training has so many benefits! Dealing with your body as it ages means losing strength, muscle, bone, and overall health if you do nothing to stop it. This is where exercise and strength training come in hand. Lifting weights is a big key to building a healthy body and losing weight as well. Lifting weights burns many calories and helps build up bone strength to an aging body. Don’t let the weight room scare you; there is a huge misconception about women not lifting weights from the fear of getting “bulky”. Lifting weights will do nothing but help your body and give you a nice, toned physique. Exercise and strength training is a great thing for men and women, especially during the stage where their body needs it most!

By incorporating diet and exercise, there will be a great balance, which will lead to a younger, healthier version of you.

Stick with it

Weight loss goals are achievable by anyone of any age if the take the right approach. The amount of determination and dedication you put in will determine your results. Don’t let negativity get you down; let it drive you through your day and through your workouts. And most importantly, believe in yourself, and any weight loss goal big or small will become possible, no matter what age you are.


Gentry Rotenberry