Reverse Calorie Calculator


To use the meal planner simply select your energy requirements in total calories (to find your daily calorie goals use our Calorie Calculator tool here)
Next choose what kind of macronutrient breakdown you want.
Click “Get Foods”.
A list of foods that meet your specified requirements is produced.
Click “Keep” on the food options that you like and want to keep and re-run until you are satisfied with the results.
You can even select foods from certain food groups if you desire.

How Does It Work

The reverse calorie calculator solves an interesting problem: what combinations of foods satisfy certain specific nutritional guidelines?
What does the ‘perfect’ diet look like?
Can I eat a healthy diet with X calories?
The answers involve the use of elaborate algorithms and a great deal of semi-random food selection to arrive at an answer (sometimes only after several minutes).
It is not based on any particular diet philosophy or system – its only absolute reference points are commonly accepted RDAs for the major micronutrients.
The rest is specified by you: the energy content, types of foods, as well as the macronutrient breakdowns.

Special thanks to for providing us here at FitOverFat with this nifty tool.

Please note that the tool is still in beta. Tell us on the message boards what you think. We’re trying to make the food database choices more practical and need your help.