Micah LaCerte WBFF World Champion Talks With Fitoverfat

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Micah LaCerte

Name: Micah “Hitch” LaCerte

Age: 32

Height: 6′

Residence: Kansas City, MO

Weight: Offseason 220-225, Stage – 205

Occupation: Owner of Hitch Fit Online and 1 on 1 Personal Training (www.hitchfit.com)

I have been featured in Over 100 National Fitness Magazines, featured on 7 National Covers.  I have appeared on 3 different Reality Tv Shows,  Wbff World Champion Muscle Model in 2011, Judged Miss Usa Pageants, Published Author in Multiple Fitness Magazines, I even have my own Hallmark Birthday Hunks Card, lol

When did you get started with fitness?

I started Fitness at the age of 19, I moved to a small town in Kansas and attended Pittsburg State University, I was always very skinny growing up and wanted to transform my body into what I saw on the Covers of Muscle and Fitness!!! My first day in the gym I was 140 lbs and clueless about what I needed to do to achieve my goal.  I spent hours research, trial and error in the gym and with my diet and eventually figured out how I needed to train and eat to maximize my goals, 12 years later and 80lbs of muscle , Here I am!!!!

What drives you to be so fit?

What used to drive me was being in magazines or becoming successful in the fitness industry, now my main focus is helping others through Hitch Fit.  I get to wake up every day next to my beautiful Wife Diana Chaloux LaCerte and as a team we get to transform people’s lives.  That’s where I find my happiness and drive now!!!

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

In 2005 I was in a terrible car accident at the peak of my career at that point, I lost everything and was out of the gym for almost a year, I lost close to 30lbs of muscle and became very depressed.  I had worked so hard to get to that point and was planning on moving to La to further my career and BOOM, got all washed down the drain.   In late 2006 unexpectedly I had got a call from a friend in La saying I was on the cover of the Magazine Muscle and Body which is at most Gnc’s and other supplement stores.  It sparked my drive again, I looked in the mirror that day and said I’m going for this and nothing will ever hold me back again and to this point nothing has, I refuse to be content, I just keep aiming for bigger and better and in the process helping as many people that cross my path as possible

Micah LaCerte Bicep

Could you tell us about your current training program?

I’m just coming off of winning the Wbff World Championship so I’m in an offseason bulk.  My training at this point consists of a 5 day split; I choose 5 exercises and do 5 reps and 5 sets of each muscle group.  I limit my cardio during offseason to ensure I put on as much mass as possible, I was a born ectomorph so I stay lean for the most part regardless of what I eat, I have to over consume up to 6000 calories daily to put size on

Monday- Chest and Calves

Tuesday- Back

Wednesday- Legs and Calves

Thursday- Shoulders and Traps

Friday- Arms

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Off

What does your diet look like?

I never have worked in Macros, I just over the years have figured out exactly what works for me when cutting or building and have stuck with that.  I eat during bulk about 7-10 meals per day at 600 calories per, I keep everything in from carbs, to protein to fats.  I typically will eat 3-5 cheat meals weekly too!!! The one meal that never changes is breakfast, always 1 cup of oats, mixed with protein powder and peanut butter as well as 3-6 egg whites and 1 egg!!
Micah LaCerte Abs

Do you Take Any Supplements?

I do take a few different supplements

I typically take 2-3 shakes per day just cause I’m always very busy and do not have time to cook constantly,

I use AllMax Isoflex Peanut butter and Magnum Quattro Vanilla or Chocolate!!

Pre Workout- 1 scoop-jack3D, 5 grams Beta Alanine, 5 grams Optimum Nutrition Bcaas and 5 grams L- Arginine

Post Workout – 5 grams Optimum Nutrition Glutamine

Before Bed – 5 grams Optimum Nutrition Glutamine

What Is Your Favorite Body Part To Train?

Calves are by far my favorite Muscle group to train.  Big calves bring balance to your total physique.

If you could start back form the first day you started training would you do anything different?

I made many mistakes when I started working out, things like overtraining, thinking doing chest 4 times per week is what made me grow, I had no idea about nutrition so all in all if I would have known then what I know now many things would be different and I would have got to my goal much sooner!!

Is there anyone in the fitness industry you look up to?

There was never anyone in the industry I looked up to when I first got into it, I was a huge Jean Claude Van Damme Fan so I strived to have that look, now I look up to my wife, she has overcome a ton and accomplished many thing including World Championships.  Love to see people succeed

Micah LaCerte

Final Advice For Readers?

The thing I tell everyone is Learn your Body and Be Patient.  Growing Muscle is a tough thing to do for many people so understand that 6-12 lbs of muscle in 1 year is what you’re aiming for, it’s why most men look their best in their mid 30’s and 40’s because they have years of development and have figured out their bodies fully.  Also figure out what works best for you, this will take some Trial and Error but you do not want to waste time doing something that may not be working. Set goals for yourself and a course of action that will get you there.  When I get ready to step on stage I map out the next 12 weeks of my life from workouts, to diet to posing and how I will bring a better package to the stage then the year before. If you do get to a stage where many people look up to you always remain humble and be as giving as possible.  I have found having the pay it forward approach will bring you a ton of happiness in return!!!  Best of luck to all of you!!! – Micah LaCerte

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