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Marc Lobliner

Name:  Marc Lobliner

Age: 31

Height: 5’6″

Location: Burlington NC. Hometown Culver City, CA

Weight: 235 – 250

CEO, MTS Nutrition, EthiTech Nutrition
Owner, Machine Training Solutions
Editorial Director,
Director of Business Development,
Owner, Machine Training Gear

Loving Husband and Father of two amazing children—this overshadow all other accomplishments. But, I also launched and grew Scivation and Primaforce.

Marc Lobliner

When did you get started with fitness?

Health and fitness and to help get better at football are the reasons. My main reason for starting exercising was to prevent disease for myself but luckily, this carried over into football and allowed me to excel at that. The main driving forces were my parents…

My mother was/is a drug addict and my father was an overeater. He developed type 2 diabetes. It started with the doctor saying,

“If you don’t watch it, you’ll get diabetes.”
“If you don’t watch it,
you’ll need to inject insulin, not just take pills.”
And finally,
“Your kidneys failed.
You’re blind, deaf, and cannot drive or work ever again.”

I recall coming home from football practice one day as a senior in high school to find my apartment filled with paramedics. My father had a stroke. This was not the first. It was on a business trip to Arizona when he had his first stroke. I cried for hours. I witnessed his demise and it was all because he didn’t take care of himself.

This is when I decided health and fitness was for me. I was in high school and the latter part, college. I witnessed this.

I still wish I could have helped him but as I have learned, you can only help those that want help.

I decided that would never let this happen to me? I decided that I’d never do this to my children. I decided to work towards elite fitness, help others to do the same, and I hope that my clients and fans will now too for the sake of their families.

What drives you to be so fit?

To be a positive role model for my family through healthy eating and exercise, to practice what I preach as a fitness expert, and also to be really freaking big and lean! I just LOVE THE LOOK!

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

BALANCE! I am getting better, but I am a workaholic. They call me “The Machine” due to my uncanny ability to neglect sleep to get stuff done. I am so driven by success that sometimes it supersedes common sense.
Marc Lobliner Scivation

What is your favorite body part to train?

I love it ALL! But I love the way whatever muscle I am training that day looks during. VEINS, blood, pump—EPIC!

Do you incorporate much cardio into your training?

I stopped doing cardio pre-contest this year since I did not need it and got leaner than ever. I haven’t done “cardio” since BUT I play with my kids, coach soccer, and move a lot. I am so active that cardio is almost overkill. Ask anyone who has met me….sitting still is not a strength of mine.

Could you tell us about your current training program?

Right now I am bulking and kicking ass. I am utilizing volume as well as Dorian style blast training. Here is my split. I take days off when needed instinctively. I am focusing on ARM GROWTH!

Day3:Back/Rear Delts
Day6:Chest/Back Superset – Light Weight Volume
Marc Lobliner Scivation

What does your diet look like?

I am eating a LOT. The main deal is, I get all of my protein in (500g), Carbs at around 800-1k grams and fats are trace and a mandatory 1tbsp fish oil. I also have a few TBSP Peanut Butter. Since I stay VERY lean, my main issue is eating enough so if I can fit it in—BONUS!
Marc Lobliner Tiger Fitness

Do you Take Any Supplements?

My Stack!

Gaspari Nutrition Anavite

Macadamia Nut Oil (when dieting)

MCT Oil (when dieting)

Intra Workout–Core Nutritionals CORE ABC OR Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn

MTS Nutrition Machine Whey (this is what you MUST take!) ☺ –note, I own this brand.

PFO Pure Fish Oil: 1TBSP per day NOT counted toward fat intake

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor (2x per day)—note, I own this brand

EthiTech Nutrition Yohimbine HCl—note, I own this brand


SlinTrol—one per carb meal

PREWO STACK: iFORCE Maximize and Hemavol

What is your biggest “Fitness” accomplishment?

Not really MY fitness, but being awarded at the OCB President’s Cup for what I have done for bodybuilding by IFPA Pro Kareem Petteway was a huge blessing and honor.This is alongside instilling fitness and diet habits in my children!

Is there anyone in the fitness industry that you look up to?

I look up to a lot—too many to mention and not insulting people! Just a few and if I left someone out, it is for space issues!

• Katie Lobliner: My wife is a GURU. She has done more than MANY even know of. Also, by mentioning her, I might get some!
• Chad Vordemesche: The owner of TigerFitness. His ethics and morals are unparalleled.
• Eric Hillman: The CEO of Europa. They revolutionized Supplement distribution and Eric’s love for bodybuilding is unquestionable.
• Joe Weider: My boss when I started. He created this industry and this interview would not be happening without him.
• Jim Stoppani: The most influential and brilliant man I know…PERIOD

There are a LOT more, but these are the TOP RAMENS!

Final Advice For Readers?

There is NO Magic Bullet—NOTHING WORKS UNLESS YOU DO! And remember, Complacency is Mediocrity!

-Marc Lobliner

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CEO, MTS Nutrition, EthiTech Nutrition

Owner, Machine Training Solutions

Editorial Director,

Director of Business Development,

Owner, Machine Training Gear

Mobile: (818) 554-8771