Sponsored Athlete Manu Grewal Talks With Fitoverfat.com

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Name: Manu “The Freak Show” Grewal

Residence: California

When did you get started with fitness?

Stress from school! Truth. It wasn’t Arnold, Lee Haney, Superman, Captain America, etc.. I was in undergrad and was stressed thinking about my grades and getting into grad school. A buddy of mine mentioned lifting weights but doing it on the regular. I went once, loved it, and was hooked the very first time. Didn’t know much about training and diet so began to read everything I could get my hands on. Made many mistakes along the way but also learned a great deal about myself.

What drives you to be so fit?

I love the discipline and dedication involved with fitness. Being driven from within is important. Fitness and being in shape helps reinforce that belief. It is something that I can apply to many aspects of my life.

I love the challenge of training 4-5days/week. I train very early morning usually around 3:30am. I work it into my schedule as fitness and living an overall healthy lifestyle is important to me. If I can do it, anybody can.

Also, I like to stay fit as an example for others. Important for my sponsors too (shameless plug) – A1 supplements and FitGr!!

Could you tell us about your current training program

I train high volume and train hard. Usually each bodypart gets hit once a week. Back and legs can reach upwards of 20-25 sets. My training is not very “conventional” but I enjoy pushing the limits. I push the limits not only physically but also mentally. Both go hand in hand. Every time I step into the gym, I treat it as if it’s my absolute last.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

I would summarize more in terms of life. I have never been blessed with the greatest resources – never had a silver spoon in my mouth, not the greatest genetics, etc.. Everything I have ever done or accomplished has been through my own actions and my own will. It’s been like that for me since a young age. I feel I work harder than anybody else – in and out of the gym. I truly enjoy when the odds are really not in my favor to achieve or accomplish something. I welcome the challenge. That’s when I am at my best.

My will > My quit. It’s law.

What are some staples in your diet?

I have to have oatmeal, peanut butter (lots of it), chocolate milk (about 24 oz), and eggs – Every. Single. Day.

Cant live without those things! I love my chocolate milk and chocolate milk loves me! Lol

Do you take any supplements?

Whey protein, a multi-vitamin, and fish oil. That’s it.

People always ask me about my opinion on what the best supplement is to take. I always have same answer. The #1 supplement in the world is actually absolutely free. Doesn’t cost a dime…..

It’s your mental strength and your willpower. Everyone has it, it’s just that most don’t know how to tap into it and use it on a daily basis.

What is your favorite body part?

Arms! Welcome to the Gunz Show! *smiles*

If you could start back from the first day you started training would you do anything differently?

I’ve been training fasted for about the past five years now and I wish I would have started that sooner. Most don’t understand the concept of fasted training (mainly due to lack of awareness; some due to flat out ignorance) but for myself it has made a huge difference not only in my body but also makes life so much easier. Anyone interested should check out www.leangains.com.

Also, I am much more knowledgeable now in terms of nutrition and a lot if is just through my own reading and self-education. When I began, I underestimated the important of a healthy diet and didn’t look into it all that much. I would definitely change that as well if I could start from Day 1.

Final advice for readers?

Being fit, in shape, losing weight, gaining muscle, etc… is really not hard. It’s actually quite simple.

What’s hard is being able to do it day-in and day-out on a consistent basis. It requires discipline, dedication, willpower, etc.. That’s where most people fail – being consistent over time.

You also have to be driven from within. Being driven can be applied to basically any part of your life. Those that are driven on a consistent basis usually end up being successful in life. Those that aren’t usually are average or below average. It’s the truth.

At the end of the day, it’s You vs. You. It’s up to you to be what you want to be and what you want to achieve. No excuses. People with excuses are simply weak. No other way of stating it. You have to find what works best for you and stick with it.

I always compete against myself and never ever compare myself to others. I like to use training as a tool to become better not only on the outside but also on the inside.

It’s all about busting your ass and being the best you can be.

Train hard.


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