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Hi, I’m Logan Sheehan, author, pro natural bodybuilder, and owner of FitOverfat. FitOverFat emerged in early 2010 as an online outlet for me to share my passion for fitness and bodybuilding with the masses! My mission is simple: to combine science and real-world experience to educate others. I promise to provide you with the latest in unbiased evidence-based content in all areas of training and nutrition.

My Story

After high school and college sports were gone I missed the physical activity that had always been a part of my life. I signed up at a small gym and I quickly became consumed with the science of building muscle and losing fat. Since that first day nearly a decade ago I have surrounded myself with some of the top coaches, scholars, and authors in the industry and with the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered I have personally coached nearly 100 clients through their transformation or through their contest prep to the stage!


Name: Logan Sheehan
Age: 27
Location: Mountain Home, Arkansas
Height: 5’10
Weight: 190LBS Off-Season / 172LBS Stage
Occupation: Online Training / Nutrition Coach & Network Administrator


2012 – NANBF Northwest Arkansas Natural – 2nd in Novice
2013 – NANBF Natural Tulsa – 1st in Open Tall
2013 – NANBF Northwest Arkansas Natural – 1st in Open Tall
2013 – NANBF St Louis Mo – 1st in Open Tall
2014 – NANBF Natural Tulsa – 1st in Overall
2014 – NANBF Northwest Arkansas Natural – 1st in Open Tall
2014 – NANBF St Louis Mo – 3rd in Open Tall
2016 – INBA Pro/AM North American – 1st in Overall & Won Pro-Card
2016 – NGA Pro Natural Kentucky Classic – 1st in Overall


2013 – APA Missouri Rocky Memorial – 181 Class Winner
2016 – APA Missouri Rocky Memorial – 181 Class Winner
My most notable strength accomplishments include
615 Lb Deadlift | 500 lb Squat | 315 x 25 Squat

Whats Here?

Browse around the site and you’ll find training and nutrition articles from some of the most respected names in the industry who share my mission to educate others, interviews with top fitness athletes and bodybuilding competitors, flexible dieting recipes, some information on my coaching services, and a whole lot more!

Ask Me Anything

Do you have specific questions? Scroll down this page to the comments section to ask me anything about training, dieting, contest prep, supplementation, or any other fitness question you may have!

What do YOU want to know?

  • Are you trying to lose body fat but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you working to pack on muscle but don’t know how many sets you should be doing?
  • Are you tired of being sold supplements without knowing whats worth your money?

I’m here to help

Leave your questions in the comment form below! I can’t wait to hear from you!