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Hi, I’m Logan Sheehan, blogger, drug free bodybuilder, and owner of

Shortly after high school, I became consumed with the science of building muscle and losing fat. I immediately made it a priority to surround myself with some of top coaches, scholars, and authors in the industry.

Fast forward nearly a decade and four contest prep seasons later, and it’s safe to say I’ve learned a thing or two about fitness!

FitOverFat has emerged as an outlet for me to share my passion for fitness and bodybuilding with the masses, and now, many of these same coaches and authors regularly contribute to this site. Our mission is to provide you with the latest in unbiased evidence-based content covering all areas of training and nutrition.


My peers and I share everything we know in the articles and videos scattered throughout this site, but if you should have any questions related to training, nutrition, bodybuilding, contest prep, supplementation or any other general fitness related questions I’ll be more than happy to help!

What do YOU want to know?

  • Are you trying to lose body fat but don’t know where to start?
  • Trying to pack on muscle but don’t know how many sets you should be doing?
  • Maybe you’re more advanced and want to know how hormones like Leptin can effect our metabolism.

I’m here to help

Leave your questions in the comment form below! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Christian Gunther

    I’m 13% body fat but I don’t have abs. When will my abs be visible?

    • Hey Christian,

      Most of the convenient methods for measuring one’s body fat can have quite a range of error so I wouldn’t overly concern yourself with that number.

      Everyone has different genetics for body fat distribution and can potentially hold more or less body fat in different places.

      However, no matter what your body fat percent currently is, or what genetics for body fat distribution you’re stuck with, as long as you continue to get leaner eventually your abdominals will reveal themselves!

      Hope that helps!

  • Joshua Murray

    I am looking into proteins and I came across the Phase8 by MuscleTech. What is your opinion on this protein and what you recommend over it? I am currently using Cellucor Cor-Performace Whey and its good was just looking around.

    • Hey Josh,

      I’m not real familiar with that specific product. I’m quite sure I haven’t tried it, but after looking at it here quickly, it looks to be a blend of several different protein powders.

      This is fine and is even great as a meal replacement or perhaps in between meals. However, I’d still suggest a whey protein as a post workout powder of choice.

      Muscletech is not real high on my list, for no reason other than their specific claims in regards to muscle size or strength. If a product promises X amount of muscle in X amount of days I set it down. I havn’t looked at their stuff or their advertising route to be fair in quite some time but they used to have some ridiculous advertising campaigns.

      You also mentioned the Cellucor whey in your question. I’ve been intertwined with several Cellucor rep’s since FitOverFat’s inception and their cor whey has been a staple in my cabinet since they released it back in early ’13 I believe. Their product would definitely be one of my suggestions.

      Hope that helps!

  • Mango

    Upper Quads Separation..
    First of all Great Physique! My question is how do I get those deep cuts on my inner upper quad, yes I’ve heard that low body fat, but I feel like there’s something else missing.
    I feel I’m pretty lean and my outer quad isn’t that bad.
    I’m the one in the blue posing trunks.

    • Hey Mango,

      Both of these shots are great thanks for sharing!

      Unfortunately I don’t really have any tricks for getting the upper quad separation to be more pronounced other than just getting leaner! Sorry for the tough love.

      You’re to that point in these pictures where every single pound thats lost from here provides an obvious change in appearance!

      In most male body builders these last few pounds will be the difference from having noticeable quad separation and squared off glutes, to having quad separation all the way up to the hip along with visible striations in their glutes.

      Your legs look very developed in these shots so keep digging hard to attain that next level conditioning and I feel confident you’ll be pleased with your quad separation!

      – Logan.

  • Joshua Murray

    My wife and I are both trying to make a lifestyle change to become healthier. We are both looking for a protein and workout schedule that would help us achieve our goals. My wife is afraid that protein shakes would make her gain weight when she is wanting to lose it. I also have high blood pressure and didn’t know if protein supplements would really have a effect on that. I know you are a huge fan of the Cellucor protein, but is it a good protein choice for both of us?

    • Hey Josh,

      A protein shake won’t magically make anyone, male or female, lose or gain weight.

      Regardless of whether your goal is to gain muscle, burn fat, or just become a better athlete, the single most important part of your nutritional plan is how much food you’re eating (calories).

      Want to build muscle? Ensure that you’re eating in a calorie surplus (eating more calories than you burn each day) .

      Want to lose fat? Simply create an energy deficit by consuming less calories than you utilize for energy each day and you’ll lose weight. You may have a fast metabolism, a lot of muscle, a terrible metabolism, or no muscle, but in every situation losing fat comes down to creating a calorie deficit.

      As far as your high blood pressure question, I’ve never looked into any blood pressure/protein studies, so that may be a better question for your doctor. I have however worked with several client’s that had high blood pressure in the beginning and saw better levels after they had dieted down to a more healthy body fat level. They all consumed a whey protein but correlation does not imply causation.

      I’m not partial or affiliated with any supplement line at this time. Stick with a whey protein. A concentrate form is okay, an isolate form is better. Currently, my favorite brands are 1st Phorm’s Phormula 1, Optimum Nutrition’s Whey Gold, Cellucor’s COR-Performance Whey, Universal Nutrition’s Animal Whey, and Dymatize’s Iso 100. There are definitely other A+ choices out there.

      Hope that helps,

      – Logan.

      • Joshua Murray

        Thank you yes it helped.