10 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Efforts to a Leaner, More Muscular Physique

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Leaner Physique

Everyone wants a leaner, more muscular physique especially this time of the year! Below are ten helpful dieting hints to help transform yourself the smart and healthy way without crash dieting and starving.

Not enough protein.

This point cannot be stressed enough. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, protein builds muscle, muscle burns fat – other than some technical physiological processes, it’s pretty simple. Whole food protein sources also keep you feeling fuller longer, so reducing calories becomes a little easier when you are trying to strip away that unwanted baggage.

Good sources include fish (such as salmon, tilapia and tuna), chicken, turkey, lean ground meats, whole eggs, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt (especially the Greek kind) and supplement powders such as whey and casein.

Whey Protein

The wrong kind of carbohydrate.

We’ve all heard the news in the past few years: carbs are bad! Not entirely. Carbs serve many important functions such as energy production, organ regulation and they are protein sparing – meaning they help prevent muscle from being burned as fuel.The trick is to ingest the correct form of carbs at the right times. You mainly want to stick with complex carb options for the majority of your day.

These can include potatoes, rice, oatmeal, wheat breads and pastas, vegetables, some fruits and beans.

The right time for simple carbs.

After training you definitely do not want to ingest a bunch of complex carbs and/or fats. To kick off the recovery process, it is wise to have 30-60 grams of simple carbs to shuttle directly into the starving muscle cells.Be careful, the best time is around 30 minutes after training and no other time before or after. You want to keep insulin/blood sugar levels steady for the remainder of your day.

Good sources are sports drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade.

Post Workout Gatorade

Reducing or eliminating fats.

One of the biggest culprits of many dieters is the belief in the reduction of fats. Fats play a vital role in not only energy production and fat metabolism, but also in hormone regulation especially during dieting.Be sure to include some fats into your eating plan such as whole eggs, avocado, nuts (almonds and walnuts), natural peanut and almond butter and olive oil.
Healthy Fats

Not eating enough, period!

Some dieters reduce total calories so much that their body refuses to eliminate any more fat and they become tired, lethargic and unmotivated. If you are training most days of the week, not only are you burning calories, but you are training your metabolism to burn more calories at rest.The trick is to eat enough for energy, training and the building of muscle and that’s it! You would be surprised how many calories you could actually eat when this is your goal.

Not eating enough green.

Vegetables are filling. While dieting the feeling of hunger is what makes most individuals cringe and sabotage their dieting efforts. Veggies are a great way to fill your stomach with a healthy option rather than binge on unhealthy convenient junk foods.

Load up on salads (spinach and butter lettuce), broccoli, green beans, peas, asparagus and cucumber.

Healthy Greens

Not drinking enough water.

Water is essential to everything. Even the slightest dehydration can upset your body’s balance and hinder your gains in the gym and your efforts toward fat loss.Any serious trainer will ensure they are properly hydrated throughout the entire day, particularly around training time. If you are training intensely at least 5 times per week, you may require up to or over a gallon of water per day.Water Hydrate During Training

Not eating the correct proteins after training.

This point can be related to #3. Taking in a quick-absorbing protein source within 30 minutes of completing your workout will do wonders for your recovery.Take in around 30-40 grams of a protein source such as whey protein powder, egg whites or milk.

Skipping breakfast.

Forever known as the most important meal of the day (I think they are ALL important), breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day. Waking after a 6-8 hour fast, your body is screaming for nutrients, so it would behoove you to give it what it needs. A balanced meal of complex carbs, protein and some healthy fats will do the trick.This will not only kick-start muscle building, but it will also rev up your metabolism, help your body burn calories all day and prevent you from binging on pastries midmorning.
Oatmeal Blueberry

Not staying consistent.

One of, if not the biggest mistake individuals make is not sticking to a plan (whatever it may be) for a significant period of time. It takes time for the body to adjust to a new eating plan, and a week will not cut it.Stay on track for at least 4-6 weeks to see if the plan you are on is right for you or not. Give it an honest try – it is the only way you can make necessary adjustments and move on into the right direction.