Natural Pro Bodybuilder Layne Norton Talks With

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Layne Norton

Name: Dr. Layne Norton

Age: 29

Residence: Tampa, FL

Height: 5’10.5″

Weight: 196 lbs at contest

Occupation: Physique Coach

Achievements: PhD in Nutritional Sciences, BS in Biochemistry, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering 2010, IFPA and NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder, 2010 IFPA Pro International Men’s Heavyweight Champion, Professional Raw Powerlifter

When did you get started with fitness?

I was picked on a lot as a kid, more so than the typical nonsense that everyone went through. When I went to school I would fear every day because everyday there were about a dozen people who’s mission in life seemed to be making me feel terrible about myself and embarrassing me.

The summer after my freshman year of high school I decided that I was going to do something about it.

I went to the library and checked out about a dozen books on weight lifting and started doing a routine I put together using some sand weights in my basement.

I didn’t get really serious with it until I graduated high school. I had played baseball all the way through high school and once that was over I no longer had a competitive outlet. I loved weight lifting and building muscle, so bodybuilding was the next logical step for me. I did my first show at age 19 and won the teen & novice tall classes, and was totally hooked from that point on!
Layne Norton

What drives you to be so fit?

Well I like being fit but for me it’s more about setting goals for myself and challenging myself. For me that’s what drives me. I don’t go into the gym thinking, “I’d really like to have a good workout so I stay healthy and my abs look good.” I go in thinking, “I want to smash what I did last time and make myself better and every single way!”

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

Self doubt and insecurity growing up made me doubt myself a lot. Getting over the self doubt and learning to trust and believe in myself was the most crucial aspect to my success in every area of life.

What is your current training schedule/program like?

Right now I’m in the offseason and following a powerlifting program called “Sheiko” which is a Russian training template. Typically I follow my PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) which you can learn about here and in my DVD: Layne Norton Unleashed.
Layne Norton Workout

What are some staples in your diet?

I eat different foods everyday. I just make sure to get my protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber goals. I eat the traditional vegetables, beef, chicken, rice, potatoes, etc. But I also get creative. I make reduced calorie pumpkin pancakes, healthy chili, high protein, low fat, high fiber brownies, all kinds of stuff.

Do you take any supplements?

Yes. I use Xtend (for BCAAs), Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-alanine, Taurine, Lipoic Acid, Fish Oil, CLA, Multivitamin, Vitamin D, Glucosamine, and Betaine HCl. I also use Scivation Whey Protein Powder to help me reach my protein goals.

What is your favorite body part?

Legs are my favorite bodypart to train. Triceps or chest are probably my best bodyparts development wise.
Layne Norton Leg Day

If you could start back from the first day you started training would you do anything differently?

Absolutely not. Everything was something I learned from.

Even my mistakes were important.

The only thing is I was I didn’t get down on myself so much and learned to enjoy the journey more earlier in my lifting career. I was too focused on trying to get to the end point that I neglected enjoying the journey. Now I enjoy every single day. Even if I never gained another ounce of muscle I would still train because I love it!

Final advice for readers?

Have patience, Rome was not built in a day. Also, do not fall into gimmicks. I’ve been studying nutrition in depth for over a decade and I’ve found a few things to be true:

If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

If it sounds like a gimmick, it is.

“The number of superlatives and exclamation points used in an article are inversely proportional to the author’s intelligence.” – Layne Norton

There are no shortcuts, you are going to have to put the work in, period. There are no secrets. Hard work + consistency + time = results.

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