Dynamic Duo Chris and Eric Martinez Talk With Fitoverfat.com

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Name: Chris and Eric Martinez

Location:  San Francisco CA

Age: 27

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 178 Lbs

Occupation:  Training and Nutrition Coaches


First and foremost we would like to thank fitoverfat.com for giving us the opportunity to show the world who we are through this interview. We are identical twins, Eric is one minute older. We are full Hispanic and born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. We are training and nutrition consultants as well as health-fitness entrepreneurs. We are owners of our business “Dynamic Duo Training,” which we launched in November of 2010. We graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in business communications and have been self educating ourselves with training and nutrition the past 6 years. We currently hold a CPT Certification along with our CISSN Certification for nutrition, and we are currently studying for our CSCS Certification. We have learned so much through trial and error, self experimentation, working with coaches/mentors, and always being a student. In 2006 we were featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine. In May 2011 we won the Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Factory West Coast Casting call. In July 2011 we were guests on The Jennifer Nicole Lee Show. So far all of these accomplishments have been great and have really made us more focused to achieve bigger and better accomplishments.

When did you get started with fitness?

We have always been involved in sports at a young age. We used to play soccer for 8 years and Basketball all the way up to senior year of high school. But it wasn’t until the death of our father our senior year of high school that really turned the tables. His autopsy report showed a small diagnosis of heart disease and this really made us want to live nothing but a dynamic lifestyle and to help others do the same. With our father’s loss, we also needed something to alleviate our anger, so weight training was a very good therapeutic outlet for us.

This is where our drive and intensity comes from when we train day in and day out!

Also we’ve always been fascinated with the way an individual can make body compositional changes and the science behind training and nutrition. For the past 6 years we have both been fully engaged in learning as much as we can about training and nutrition along with tying that into our niche and with real world practice. We both have this hunger inside of us to be the best at what we do and to always keep learning and keeping an open mind. We want to experience going through the trenches without anything being given to us for free. We are no strangers to hard work and overcoming adversity while maintaining our mental toughness for the journey we have ahead of us.

How do you stay so motivated? What drives you?

Our passion, hunger, and desire keeps us motivated day in and day out. Starting with us wanting to be masters of our craft and practice what we preach.

Not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Being prime examples for our business along with the opportunity to voice our opinions in the health and fitness industry and change as much lives as we possibly can. Also, both of us being clients of Layne Norton, we feel like our motivation has sky rocketed through the roof since working with him and what better to learn from one of the  best in the industry. We want to be “Game-Changers,” meaning we want to really make a dent in the health and fitness industry with our niche and help others live healthier lifestyles. We have to stay passionately focused on our mission and purpose and never be satisfied with just being good. We want to be the best that we can be and keep our integrity!

What does your current training schedule/program look like?

Chris is currently on an advanced hypertrophy routine because he came off of more of a powerlifting style routine so he wanted to get the manifestation from the powerlifting routine to the hypertrophy phase for pure muscle growth.  Eric is currently on a wave loading undulating periodization program. For those that don’t know much about wave loading, it’s basically a powerlifting scheme where it primes the neuromuscular system for heavy loads and helps prevent plateaus. We are firm believers when elite athletes or bodybuilders go through a power lifting phase (say 12 weeks) and they don’t see any hypertrophic results they get depressed, but they end up lifting 100 more lbs than before. The real manifestation begins when they then go into a hypertrophy phase and that’s when they start seeing muscle growth.

That’s why it’s so important to combine both power lifting and hypertrophy training.

Lately we have been dealing with injuries, particularily elbow tendonitis, it’s been very frustrating the last 3 months, but part of the iron game. We feel with each injury, we learn more and appreciate our bodies more and learn to maintain and take better care of ourselves. Something we want to pass down to our clients.

Give us a breakdown of your daily diet.

We are huge advocates of counting macronutrients and hitting our overall fiber intake day in and day out! Counting your protein, carbs, and fats gives you total control of changing your physique. Also, with fiber, it’s often overlooked and a lot of people don’t realize that it has a thermogenic response, helps with assimilating nutrients, and keeps your satiety levels elevated. The biggest tips we can give people when it comes to dieting is have patience, stay mentally tough, be consistent, and never let it take over your entire life.

Do you take any supplements to reach your fitness goals?

The staples of our supplement regiment are whey protein, creatine monohydrate, BCAA’s, beta alinine, multivitamin, and fish oil. The best recommendations we could give a beginner are to stick to whole and minimally refined foods and master that first. They will get great gains just from wholesome foods and later they could add the frosting to the cake which in this case would be supplements. Also, when taking supplements do not get into that mindset that just because you are using supplements means you do not have to continue working as hard as before. It’s quite opposite because you really have to have your nutrition and training in check or else the supps are just going to be a huge waste of money and If anything, using supplements should make you want to push that extra 1 % to achieve optimal results.

What is your single biggest “Fitness” related accomplishment?

For both of us it has to be when we went all the way to Florida for the annual ISSN Conference to take our test for our CISSN Certification. We worked so hard and studied so much for that test. It was a truly humbling experience meeting all the great researchers in the industry as well as gaining more knowledge. The most recent accomplishment has to be nailing 405 lbs on squats. I never thought I would be able to squat that much, but hard work paid off and I did it. Check out the Squat PR here.

Is there anyone in the fitness industry you look up to?

There are definitely a hand full of people we look up to in the fitness industry and respect very much. The one person we have to acknowledge is Dr. Layne Norton. He truly has been a great role model, coach, and friend to us. The reason why we look up to Layne so much is because he talks the talk and walks the walk, and he does it with integrity, no bullshit like many others do.

Layne is a brilliant guy and will leave a mark in the fitness industry when it’s all said and done and we respect the hell out of that.

Also we would like to thank Jennifer Nicole Lee for discovering us and truly believing what we are capable of. Without her guidance, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Name a fitness “Myth” that just isn’t true no matter how many times you hear it?

Haha man there’s so many where do we begin. We are going to have to go with “Bro, you cannot eat carbs at night, you will get fat.” That is definitely the one that drives us nuts when we hear it. Another myth that must be dispelled is women can’t strength train because they will get too big. It is absolutely ludicrous that women buy into this.

Tips for our readers to achieve their fitness dreams?

We are firm believers that you need to have mental toughness in life and we use this carry over affect into our training. It’s really easy to be a push over, give up, and be passive in life, but we feel that if you have mental toughness, then you can apply it to all aspects of life (relationships, obstacles, work, gym, etc). But you can’t teach or buy mental toughness. This comes through hard work and perseverance. This comes through punishing work and with that, perseverance can be taught. We also have a slogan “no excuses, only solutions.” There is just too many excuses being made in life and not enough solutions being created. This is something we try and teach our clients as well. We are also huge advocates on challenging our own routines. What that means exactly is the best of the best are always looking to improve. You cannot get complacent. The best of the best want to challenge the status quo and find better, more efficient ways to get even better results. This goes for all aspects in our life, being a well-rounded person will take you a long way, and when it’s all said and done we can look back and say to ourselves we made a difference in this world with our hard work and dedication. We want to live a life worth telling a story about. We would also like to say thanks to our family, all of our supporters out there, it truly means a lot to us and we will continue to work hard for all of you.

Favorite Quote?

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”  -Napoleon Hill


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