IFBB Pro Dave Goodin Talks With Fitoverfat.com

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Dave Goodin

Name: Dave Goodin

Age: 52

Residence: Austin, Texas

Height: 5’ 7’’

Weight: Completely off-season about 185, right now
177, contest shape about 170

Occupation: Fitness Director/Personal Trainer/co-owner of
Shredderbuilt by Revelation Fitness; IFBB Pro Bodybuilder; Ironman
Magazine Monthly columnist; NPC contest promoter of the Texas
Shredder Classic and the Texas State Natural Championships


Education: Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of
Texas at Austin

IFBB World Champion Masters Over-50 (2009)
NPC Team Universe Welterweight Champion (2009)
IFBB North American Championships 50+ Midwt and Overall Champion (2009)
NPC Europa Super Show 50+ Champion (2009)
NPC Team Universe Welterweight Runner-up ((2008)
NPC Europa Championships Open Midwt. Champion (2008)
NPC Europa Championsips Masters Runner-up (2008)
NPC John Sherman Classic Midwt & Open Overall Champion (2008)
NPC John Sherman Classic Masters Champion (2008)
NPC South Texas Championships Midwt and Open Overall Champion (2007)
NPC South Texas Championships Masters Champion (2007)
NPC Lonestar Classic Open Midwt., and Masters Champion (2007)
NPC Lackland Classic Overall Champion (2006)
NPC Lonestar Classic Ltwt Champion (1992)
NPC Texas State Open Midwt. & Overall Champion (1990)
NPC Western Cup Midwt. Champion (1990)
NPC Texas State Open Ltwt. & Overall Champion (1988)
NPC Lonestar Classic Ltwt. Champion (1988)
NPC South Central USA Open Ltwt Champion (1984)
The first 2-time NPC Texas Overall champion (’88 & ’90)

Magazine Covers:
January 2010 Ironman Magazine
January 2009 Ironman Magazine
September 2007 Pose Down Magazine
July 2007 Ironman Magazine

Powerlifing: 1 drug-free National Championship and 4 Texas State
Dave Goodin

When did you get started with fitness?

I started playing sports when I was a kid. Baseball was my first love. It seems that when I was a kid, during the summers I could play baseball all day long. I’ve always loved football too, and started playing tackle football in the 7th grade. When my dad retired from the Air Force we settled in a very small town (Vanderbilt) and the high school I attended didn’t have baseball, so the summer after my freshman year was the last time I got to play baseball. At Industrial High School in Vanderbilt, Texas I played football, basketball and ran track (I was the 1977 district champion in the 880 yard run). I continued to run track in junior college. I then attended the University of Texas, where I was a physical education major. I ran, worked out, practiced Tae Kwon Do, and played a lot of intramural sports so I was always in shape. I had dabbled with weights since I was 15 yrs old but had never gotten really serious about it. But, I joined a gym in Houston when I started by first job out of college (teaching/coaching), just to stay in shape. That was in Sept 1983. I’ve never stopped training. Since Sept. 1983 the longest I’ve ever gone without weight training was 6 weeks. I was going through a divorce and my two year old daughter lived with me and needed more of my time. The next longest stretch I’ve gone without lifting is 2 weeks, and those have always either been planned layoffs or layoffs due to injury.
About 4 months after I joined my first gym this guy started bugging me about entering a show. I didn’t think I was close to being big enough, but Charles Nichols kept pestering me until I agreed to enter the NPC Texas Timberland Classic with him. He had won his height class in the Over-35 Mr. Texas the previous year and I thought he was pretty darn good (he’s kind of a Frank Zane look-alike). We wound up in a lightweight class of 16 guys. Charles took 2nd and I took 3rd! Two weeks later we entered another show in Galveston. The Mr. Sunbelt contest was in height classes. We both ended up in the medium height class with about 20 other guys. Charles won the class and I finished a close 2nd. After that I was totally hooked and I’ve never looked back!

What drives you to be so fit?

Number one, I love lifting weights. I love the way it feels and the way it makes me look. Secondly, I love the competitions. Competing is really the thing that keeps me most motivated. And, after I got nicknamed The Texas Shredder, what could I do??? I can’t show up anywhere looking like the Texas Cream Puff!
Dave Goodin

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

I’m a hard gainer. I’m a naturally thin person and if I don’t lift I lose weight fast. When I had the 6 week stretch that I didn’t lift I lost 15 pounds. I’ve had times when I’ve taken off for 2 weeks and lost 6 or 7 pounds. But, the biggest obstacle for me has been injuries. Throughout my athlete career I’ve had trouble with tendonitis and tearing muscles. In 1997 I had a complete bicep tendon rupture and in 2007 I ruptured a hamstring tendon. In both cases I had the tendons surgically reattached to the bone, and made a full recovery. Coincidentally, in both cases I competed again 11 months after surgery and won the overall at both shows!

Could you tell us about your current training program?

Click Here To Download, View, Or Print Dave Goodin’s Workout Program !
Dave Goodin Workout Program

What does your diet look like?

Ideally my contest diet is 42% protein, 42% carbs and 16% fats. Last year I had to go lower in carbs to get all the way into contest shape. It was closer to 50% protein 35% carbs and 15% for the last 4-5 weeks.
Staples: oatmeal, mixture of egg whites and whole eggs (usually 3 to 1), grilled chicken breast, super-lean ground beef, salads, fresh spinach, apples, oranges, grapefruit, peaches, berries, Trioplex cookies (occasionally)
Dave Goodin

Do you take any supplements?

Muscle Link Products (available from www.home-gym.com)
Profusion Protein Powder (usually mix it with Gatorade or G2)
GH Stak
Cort Bloc
Creasol (buffered creatine)
Red Dragon (beta alanine)

Scivation Products
Xtend (bcaa’s)
Quake (pre workout drink)

Other supplements:
Udo’s Choice Oil Blend (essential fatty acid gelcaps)
1st Step liquid mult-vitamin/mineral

What Is Your Favorite Body Part To Train?

I love training legs and squats are my favorite exercise. It’s the most brutal workout, but it’s also the most satisfying.
Dave Goodin

If you could start back from the first day you started training would you do anything different?

If I had made friends with the squat rack my first year of training I probably would have won all my novice shows that year. I hardly knew anything about lifting when I started and the personal training profession was non-existent, so it was often a matter of learning from friends in the gym or reading books and magazines. But, those early years were very exciting!

Is there anyone in the fitness industry you look up to?

Arnold, Frank Zane and Dave Draper were my earliest idols. Dave Draper is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met! I got to train for a few days with Frank about 10 years ago. He’s very introverted, but is a super-cool guy once he warms up to you. I think my favorite bodybuilder of all-time though is Lee Labrada. His physique and his posing were absolutely incredible. Plus, he’s a really good man. And, we share the same birthday (although I’m a year older).
Dave Goodin

Final advice for readers?

1. There’s no substitute for consistency.
2. You have to train brutally hard and eat right…. There’s no way around it!
3. Be patient! After 29 years of training and 28 years of competing, I’m living proof that the natural bodybuilding lifestyle will continue to reward a person.
4. Two, hard work and persistence pays off! (I know, that’s kind of a combination of 1-3)
5. Treat others like you would like to be treated. (got that one from my mom)