Personal Trainer Danny J Talks with

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Danny J

Name: Danny-J

Age: 30

Residence: Las Vegas, NV

Height: 5’ 4′

Weight: 125 Lbs

Personal Trainer, Writer, And Speaker

Marrying my best friend, getting published and my first cover in Max Sports & Fitness, and helping many, many clients acheive their weight-loss goals

When did you get started with fitness?

I’d almost say I was born into it, but not really… I took a loooooong detour to get here. I’d say the best answer would be, in college. I started with my own journey in nutrition, as I was always pretty much interested in the human body and movement. I learned how the two complement each other and then a personal injury kind of made me slow down and I needed to learn more about training for my own rehabilitation. I got certified and realized it was something I really might enjoy doing as a profession.
Danny J

What drives you to be so fit?

I was a gymnast when I was younger, and I’ve always been disciplined. I strive to be the best and I think its something that internally drives me. I am also competitive and I hate not being able to do something.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

I have had many obstacles in my life. I would say the hardest though, was overcoming my own negative self-talk and realizing that no ONE and no THING that has ever happened to me, is responsible for where I am and who I am. I learned that I choose my attitude and reactions and believe me, sometimes its still hard. I really believe that most people, if they look deep enough, the obstacles they have are merely, how they react to a situation.
Danny J

Could you tell us about your current training program?

Wow.. thats a tough one. I really have such a different schedule everyday, so anything goes. I must say I am not a morning workout person, and I generally have clients pretty early anyway. I would say a “typical day” I get up at 5am or 6am. I eat breakfast and drive a small commute to the studio. I’ll train for about 4 hours and then, depending on how I feel, I’ll go home, eat lunch and take a nap, or I’ll go to the gym and lift and then go home and eat. At 3:30pm I head back to train for 3-4 more hours and then usually return to the gym for cardio, or hit the gym for the first time and do lifting and cardio. I typically lift 4 days a week and cardio 45-60 min. 5-6 days. I stopped doing body part split workouts and lately do more crossfit type workouts and full body circuits. My go-to cardio is the step mill, it kicks my butt everytime!

What does your diet look like?

I am a creature of habit. I like having the same meals and same things.
I have oatmeal and egg whites every morning. The only thing that changes is the amounts and sometimes I prepare them differently.
AM/PM snack is generally a shake with a fruit or shake with nuts or PB
Lunch is always about 25-30g protein (almost always chicken) 1 cup of veggies (I go on “kicks” depending on my moods)
and then usually rice, yam or lately quinoa.
Dinner is usually the same as lunch, minus the carb, and I’ll throw in a little more veggies or lettuce to “bulk” up the meal.
If I have a late snack, its either another shake or egg whites
My favorite thing to eat thats not the general diet, is a special Thai Food place that has amazing Lemongrass soup!!
Danny J

Do you take any supplements?

I would say, not a whole lot, just the basics; Protein powder, EFAs, multivitamin. Sometimes 5 HTP and Niacin
My favorite protein powders are Gaspari Myofusion (usually any chocolate flavor) and PVL Whey Gourmet Chocolate Peanut BUtter and Cookies n Cream. I generally go for the chocolate proteins and I like my shakes to be thicker. Thats why I like those two in particular. I’ve never really taken a whole lot of preworkout supplements or fat burners, but I must say I do love Nutrex Lipo-6 Hers because it seems to help my focus and doesn’t make me shaky. Usually for EFA’s I use Labrada Lean Gold.
As you can see, I’m not stuck on one brand or label. I just like what I like.. oh yeah, and I can’t forget, Scivation Xtend BCAA’s… OMG so good… I love drinking this during cardio and workouts.

What Is Your Favorite Body Part?

My favorite body part to train is back and shoulders. I just like how it looks and feels. I love watching people train back who have really defined backs! (is that odd?) However, I would say my favorite body part (on my body) is…. abs?? I think I am a little lucky here because I don’t tend to put on much fat there and I don’t have to work them really hard to make them pop.
Danny J

If you could start back from the first day you started training would you do anything different?

I would have learned about nutrition wwaaaaayyyy earlier!! I have to say, nutrition IS the missing piece of the puzzle and there is still so much I am learning. I also wish that I wouldn’t have obsessed so much. I think everything in life requires balance and looking good and being healthy is important, but I see a lot of people in this industry who have great bodies, but nothing else. Make sure you still have experiences and fun and live life!! Whats the point of having an amazing healthy body if you never use it

Final advice for readers?

Read, read, read… ask questions, observe, and learn all you can. There’s a million philosophies on fat burning, muscle building, splits, etc. Try different things, see what works for YOU. I’ve heard a hundred people say “DO cardio 1st thing on an empty stomach” well guess what?? That doesn’t work for me. I don’t do that and I don’t have a hard time getting lean. Find people you admire and ask them, but also ask experts and listen to you own body. Also realize that sometimes you won’t be motivated, thats ok. Just use that as a time to try something new.
If you have questions I’m always answering on my FB Page and I do online training and nutrition programs as well. Find someone to help you on your way and never stop learning