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Let’s skip the overdone sales pitch …

I help people shed body fat.
I help people build muscle.
I educate people.
I help people kick ass on stage.

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Take the guesswork out of contest prep! Let me design an individualized training and nutrition plan to have you stand out on stage.

After an extensive application process, we will work closely together to tailor a training & nutrition plan based on your experience, goals, and schedule.

I’ll teach you the in’s and out’s of flexible dieting, how to get shredded without crash dieting, and I’ll be there to coach you trough the inevitable struggles of contest prep.

Through constant assessment and accountability, I’ll ensure you’re at your all time best when it’s time for your contest.

I’m offering the following services at this time.

Contest Prep / Bodybuilding / Men & Women’s Physique & Classic / Bikini / Figure
Off-Season Training & Nutrition / Post Show
Skype / Facetime / In-Person Posing Sessions


Whether your physique is ready or not, competing is not for everyone. If you’re the individual that’s ready to make some positive body composition changes but have no desire to compete, I’d absolutely still love to help you make your goals a reality.

Allow me to teach you a sustainable approach to training and nutrition to help you finally make that transformation of a lifetime.

No fad diets, no excessive bouts of cardio, no strict meal plans, no fake promises.

Work with me and let’s take the guess work out of training, nutrition, cardio, and supplementation.

I’m offering the following services at this time.

Fat Loss
Muscle Building
Sport Specific Training
Wedding or Event Prep


Age 20, Lead Hill AR
Bikini Contest Prep


“When Logan told me that he could help me with a diet and training plan to have me ready to compete in my first bikini competition in just a few short months, I thought he was crazy! …

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I was so far from looking like those girls I followed and idolized on Instagram and social media. Even if I did compete there was no way I would place. I decided to go for it anyway, even if I didn’t win a competition at least I would look great for the lake that summer and be one step closer to where I wanted to be. So I prepared for the worst, starving, eating nothing but chicken and vegetables, and spending hours in the dreadful gym.
After our first meeting with him, I learned it was far from what I thought it would be. I was going to be eating more food then I could hardly bare at first and the workout plan wasn’t awful. I love the macro plan he created for me, I could eat basically whatever I wanted as long as it fit into my daily allotted macros. It was great! At first I didn’t enjoy the gym, but after about a week I couldn’t see myself not going to the gym every night. The gym became my second home. I looked forward to seeing my new gym friends every night and sharing what progress we had made, as well as spending quality time with my boyfriend, who was also training under Logan’s guidance.
After about two months I couldn’t believe the results I had seen in myself! I thought it would take so much longer to see the results I did, but they came so fast! By the time my first show came around I couldn’t believe the results I saw and it all came quite easy. I loved training in the gym with my new gym family and I don’t think its fair to call my diet a diet. I still very much lacked in confidence when comparing myself to other women but I decided I was going to get out there and give it my best on stage. I was confident on my walk after many nights of practice, training, and critique from Logan. I was beyond excited when they called my name to place in my class and even more excited when I got first! I couldn’t believe it, all the training paid off!
The best part was definitely the diet, sure I ate the typical chicken and rice, but I also got my daily fix of Reese’s Puffs! He taught me so many things about dieting! Now I see people trying to diet and do things on their own and most of the time I see people just ruining their metabolism, and starving themselves. It’s actually very eye opening, its not necessary to deprive yourself, its all about balance! It’s so easy to reach your goals with the right trainer to educate you on what’s best for your body. Everyone’s body is different and requires different training and meal planning, which is why so many diets and exercises don’t work for everyone, especially since your body is constantly changing and requiring new changes to your training and meal plan. I can’t express how grateful I was to have someone who took the time to study my changes and create the best plan for me.
Not only did my journey give me confidence in my body, but I felt better too! I slept better every night and had more energy during the day. I found a new passion in competing on stage! I loved the thrill on performing in front of so many people, and I quickly found confidence in myself that I didn’t even know I had! Logan has helped me in so many ways, and he worked so well to find the best alternatives for working around my food allergies! Logan cares about each and every one of his clients, he finds what works best for each person, which makes him a great trainer! The right fitness plan and a proper diet is the greatest gift you can give your body and I’m thankful to have Logan in my corner to properly educate me on how to properly do that.”


Age 28, Mountain Home, AR
Men’s Physique Contest Prep


“Prior to working with Logan, my vision for fat loss was eating chicken and broccoli and doing endless amounts of cardio. Once I approached Logan to coach me for my first competition, he quickly …

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opened my eyes to a more efficient approach! He taught me the ins and outs of flexible dieting and I was even able to regularly enjoy a slice of pizza and some home made cheeseburgers while I measurably and consistently lost fat every week during my contest prep. While having a very healthy and sustainable relationship with food, I was able to lose nearly 30 lbs of fat, actually increase my strength, and place 3rd in my first physique competition. Working with Logan was nothing short of success and I would highly recommend him as a coach to anyone who wanted to take their training or nutrition to the next level.”


Age 26, Mountain Home, AR
Training & Nutrition Client


“Hi there, my name is Garrett. I am a little different than your normal fitness story. I never really played sports in school, never really trained in school like most of your normal physique athletes …

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and competitors. I began training by myself somewhere around 2011. I always had the drive to do better, but I lacked knowledge in making myself so. When my training began I had no interest in proper nutrition and tracking, I simply wanted to go in, train, and get stronger. I did go through the ups and downs of training and taking time off. After a length of training I did begin trying to track food in a half hearted manner. It was a suggestion made by my wife to talk to Logan about coaching me on training and nutrition. I admit, I was reluctant at first, but I did agree to give it a try. That decision was one of the best I have made. Logan has taught me more about proper nutrition, training, recovery, supplementation, and the overall lifestyle I now live. I have gained much more knowledge about training than I could have on my own.”


Age 27, Hubert, NC
Men’s Physique Contest Prep


“A combination of several things led me to choose Logan as my coach. Logan and I have known each other for a few years through mutual friends and had actually trained together a few times when I was …

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on leave back in 2011. I have always thought highly about Logan and could tell he was a very intelligent person. I actually reached out to him the day of my first show as my previous coach dropped the ball with my pre show nutrition and I was looking flat as could be. Long story short when I decided I would be doing another show I knew exactly who to contact and as expected Logan did not disappoint. Throughout this prep he has kept me very informed with what his plans were and why he was making changes or not making changes. Most importantly to me, the plan was based upon how my body was reacting, no cookie cutter or “text book” plans. Simply put if you’re looking for a coach who truly cares about his client’s success and has a genuine interest in fitness and nutrition he is hands down one of the best out there! I would recommend him to competitors of all levels!”


Age 47, Mountain Home, AR
Training & Nutrition Client


“In junior high my dreams of being an athlete were squashed by a coach that belittled and degraded me to the point that I didn’t care if I ever did anything physical again. My self-esteem was non-existent …

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and I basically gave up on sports. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease (and gained over 20 pounds in a month) that I decided I must do something physical for my health. I played competitive tennis at the 4.0 level for several years. I’ve completed a marathon (4:15), 35 half marathons (1:47PR), and too many 5K (23:14PR) and 10K’s to count. I started lifting weights about 5 years ago, but I still loved running more.

After several years of being a cardio junkie and multiple running injuries I finally decided to hire a trainer to prevent injury and immediately started lifting heavy 3 days a week. I quickly learned the gym basics and discovered my love for iron, but what I was lacking was a solid nutrition plan and real guidance. I would go on to try everything from low calorie to Paleo and nothing really worked for me.

It wasn’t until I hired Logan that things REALLY changed for me. I have learned SO MUCH from Logan just in the short time I’ve trained with him that it’s ridiculous! His knowledge has been absolutely priceless to me.

He introduced me to the concept of Flexible Dieting / IIFYM and it immediately clicked to me! Finally, a sustainable approach to dieting!

With his guidance and training program, I can honestly say even in my 40’s I have NEVER been stronger in my entire life.

Even though I am not a physique competitor, I compete with myself every day. I love the process and everything that goes with it. If you are looking for a knowledgeable coach who is on top of the latest information backed up with real science – Logan is your man. I can’t say enough good things about him.”


Age 25, Yellville, AR
Training & Nutrition Client


“I started working with Logan around the middle of August 2015. It was an easy and painless application. We talked thoroughly about what my goals were and he listened. Any questions I had he would …

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answer right away and could explain them in fantastic detail in a way I could understand.

Our journey started around mid August where I was tipping the scale at 280 lbs and I am now sitting down nearly 70 lbs around 210 and still dropping! None of that starving yourself crap either! His workout plans and nutrition plans are easy to follow. The whole Flexible Dieting / IIFYM concept is totally new to me and I am loving it due to the fact you’re not having to restrict yourself on a lot of the foods or just sticking to the typical “bro” diet.

My weekly check ins are always exciting and motivating and I especially love the graphs of my weight loss progress Logan sends me. This puts my overall progress into perspective and definitely helps keep me motivated. What I really like about Logan though is he treats you as a person and not just another client and that he always seems pumped up and happy to see my progress during check ins. He is always quick to ask how are the weights in the gym feeling, are they increasing, or if any exercises make me feel uncomfortable or are painful and if so he takes them out and puts it in his notes not to add them back in.

Overall this has been an awesome adventure/journey that I’ve been on with him and I have no signs of stopping here!

All in all I highly recommend Logan to anyone that is serious about transforming their life for the better, living a healthier lifestyle, or if you ever plan on competing. 10/10″


Age 52, Mountain Home, AR
Men’s Physique Contest Prep


“I want to give a testament of how Logan Sheehan, my coach, has changed my outlook on working out and nutrition.  I was hearing the words “flexible dieting” around the gym and was curious …

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to know its content.  Logan explained by tracking my macronutrient intake, I would have the resources to transform my physique to fit my fitness goals.  He taught me how to choose food sources I enjoyed eating while making progress towards my physique ambitions.  No more starving myself and eating bland chicken, tuna and greens.  I was held accountable to making sure my macros were on point by the end of each day.

I’m not new to competing but It’s been several years since I have competed in a Bodybuilding/Physique show.  At the age of 51, I decided it was time to step back on stage.  After this prep with Logan. I now have abs that have been in hiding for years, and I can confidently say even in my 50’s and having competed plenty of times, I’m leaner than I’ve ever been in my life.  I have a better outlook on life and feel more confident. Logan’s continual support, advice, and direction have provided an outstanding client/coach relationship and I’m sincerely grateful!


Age 24, Fayetteville, AR
Training & Nutrition Client


“A little over two months ago I began working with Logan, before then I had a steady workout routine as well as a loose macronutrient diet that I somewhat followed. However, I always seemed …

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to fall short in either getting the proper nutrition my body needed or achieving differentiated workout and cardio routines essential to provide proper muscle growth. After dealing with this problem off and on for a number of years I finally decided to ask Logan to train me. Once we got started I was really surprised by how different the plan would be from what I expected. By following a macronutrient based diet tailored to my individual needs combined with a workout plan designed to overload my muscles and stimulate growth, I was able to cut fat and build more muscle than had been possible before. What was even better was the fact that I didn’t have to starve myself or limit the kind of foods that I eat. I have my macronutrient goals set and as long as the food I eat fits within those guidelines then I eat it. This makes the nutritional plan much more sustainable as I am allowed to tend to cravings within reason when I feel the need. Logan’s scientific approach to coaching also makes a world of difference. Instead of hearing the same old recycled knowledge that may not have any factual base, I know that the training I’m receiving has scientific base and isn’t some hocus pocus an amateur trainer heard this one time. Working with Logan has been an awesome experience thus far, and the results I’ve seen from working with him are a testament to that. I’m happy to continue working with him and see where we have yet to go from here!


Age 24, Gassville, AR
Training & Nutrition Client


“It’s important to show YOU can do it! I’ve always struggled with how I see my body. I’ve transformed many times. Skinny to chubby. Chubby to skinny. Skinny to fit. My latest journey has been  …

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I said I would stay fit my entire pregnancy until the constant feeling of going into a coma & unending hunger set in. I gained 60 pounds while pregnant. I am not happy about it but who doesn’t like a good challenge to get fit again? Luckily I’ve always had help with my diet & training. Thanks so much to Logan Sheehan! I still have a way to go before I feel good. But, I am dang proud of how far I’ve come in the last four months.”

  • 3 Months Of Weight Training

    As an online trainer, it would be unethical for me to take on a client that doesn’t know their way around the weight room. If you’ve never been exposed to weight training your best bet is to link up with a knowledgeable local personal trainer to show you the ropes.

  • Natural Athlete

    I work predominantly with non-enhanced athletes. If you’re looking for a coach to help with your PED selection I’m not your guy. I have nothing against users, it’s simply not my area of expertise. If you have used previously but are not currently, I’d still love to help you.

  • Non Vegan

    Individuals following a vegan diet should link up with a coach that shares their same values. I acknowledge and respect ethical choices, but again this lies outside my realm of expertise.

  • Computer With Internet Access

    No check-ins from cell phones! The email content I get from my client’s on an actual keyboard is infinitely more valuable. I am incredibly thorough and I ask for to you to be prepared to focus long enough to compose a sincere email once or twice a week.

  • Ample Time

    If you’re 40 pounds over stage weight and have the desire to compete in 6 weeks, I’m not the person to help you. Whether your goal is to compete or not, I ask that you be realistic in your rate of loss.

  • Gym Access Or Equipment

    I ask that you have access to a gym or have basic equipment at your house or office before applying. While physique improvements can be made solely with body weight or plyometric workouts, my focus is on what works best and I firmly believe this involves weight training to some extent.

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  • What is online coaching & how does it work?

    As an online coach, I rely entirely on the feedback the client provides to me in order to assess their progress and make informed decisions on changes to their training and nutrition plan to ensure progression.

    Developing a system with an effective communication stream has been an integral part of my success as an online coach.

    I have a very specific list of data I ask the client to provide to me either through email or through a video check-in. Most individuals will end up checking in weekly, some bi-weekly, and some even daily depending on their situation.

    I’m looking for both quantitative data (weekly body weight logs, body measurements, gym performance, etc) and qualitative data (progress pictures, nutritional & training adherence, sleep, stress, etc).

  • What is flexible dieting & how does it work?

    Flexible dieting is a structured method of breaking down and tracking your diet into the three macronutrients (Protein, Carbs, Fat). The idea is to focus more on quantity (calories) and less on restricting yourself to specific foods in order to manipulate your body composition.

    You’ll have a specific protein, carb, and fat goal that you’ll fill with nearly any food choice you desire. These numbers may change very frequently or very rarely depending on your progress.

    Here is a brief article on flexible dieting that one of my authors (Chris & Eric Martinez) contributed a few years back.

  • Will I have a meal plan or eat the same food every day?

    No! In fact, I firmly believe that this “old school” method of dieting is not only much more mentally challenging to stick with, but is actually a detriment to your health compared to following a more flexible approach.

    I cringe when I see someone eating no more than “6 magic foods” week after week. In my opinion, eating the exact same food every single day is a great way to set yourself up for major micronutrient deficiencies. While tilapia, broccoli, and asparagus are all excellent food choices both from a macronutrient and micronutrient perspective, do you think you’re getting everything your body needs from those foods? Compound this on top of the hormonal adaptations that are already going to occur during a fat loss diet and you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

    In my experience as a coach & competitor, I believe a flexible approach to nutrition where you fill your diet with mostly wholesome micronutrient dense choices with an occasional treat is a more sustainable, healthy, and ultimately more effective approach when compared to strict meal plans.

  • Will I Be Hungry?

    Ultimately this will depend on your goal and metabolism.

    If you’re dieting for fat loss, you can expect some hunger at some point.

    If your main focus is building muscle, you can expect to be pretty full at some point.

    The closer you are to your goal the more extreme this will be.

    Someone on stage with shredded glutes is most definitely going to be hungry near the end of their prep.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, someone who struggles to put on muscle and has to consume lots of food is going to be very full.

    I’ll do my best to teach you how to minimize and cope with hunger or having to eat lots of food.

  • Will I Have Cheat Meals?

    I’m not a big fan of the word “cheat meal”. To me, this word is associated with guilt and someone who has gone off their plan.

    I will allow some of my non-competitors a “free meal”, where they’re allowed to eat whatever they want without tracking. This depends on the individual’s goals and the progress they’re making.

    However, nearly everyone I work with will see a refeed or higher carb day weekly or biweekly.

    There are both psychological and physiological benefits to refeeds and this is an important tool we’ll use to maintain consistency and help mitigate metabolic adaptations.

  • What will my training program be like?

    This greatly depends on your goals, schedule, and experience.

    Some client’s will weight train 2-3 times a week and advanced athletes may train 5-6 times a week.

    Unless an injury or health reason prevents me from doing so, it’s pretty common for me to effectively incorporate all of the different rep ranges into the client’s training program. In my experience, this is the most effective way to improve body composition, especially in a natural athlete.

    This will have you doing higher volume sets (20+ reps), heavier sets (<8 reps), with most client’s seeing more time spent in the moderate rep range (10-15 reps). This can be achieved through a variety of modalities and again will depend on the client’s specific needs.

    Exercise selection will again vary depending on where you are at in your lifting career, your goals and the progress we’re making towards them, and the insight that your check-ins will provide me.

  • Do I have to buy any supplements?

    No, I don’t require anyone, regardless of their goals, to subscribe to any supplements.

    Having a consistent grasp on your calorie and macronutrient intake is going to do far more for your physique than taking supplements will.

    If you’re on point with these things and your budget allows so, there are supplements that I believe are worth the money and will help with your health or body composition goals.

    I try to feel out each client and what their budget looks like before I make any recommendations.

    The male bodybuilding competitor trying to get down to essential body fat level land is probably going to spend a little more on supplements than soccer mom Susie who just wants to lose 10 pounds of body fat to increase her confidence and health.

  • What are your rates? Why not discuss pricing up front?

    My monthly fee is a little more than the average household pays for television service or what the average personal trainer would charge for 3-4 sessions.

    My contest prep client’s pay a small amount more than my non-competitors. Quite simply there is more time involved with a contest prep.

    Why not discuss pricing up front?

    Listen, if you’re the person that’s going to hire a diet or training coach based on who’s cheapest, I can save you both our time and encourage you to look elsewhere. My rates are in line with the service I provide.

    Allow me the privilege to prove to you my worth. I am incredibly thorough and I want to demonstrate this through our initial consultation and to see if I’m even the right person to help you!

    There is no obligation to apply.

  • Do you offer discounted rates for training or diet only?

    Typically – No.

    I prefer to focus on both training and nutrition since they go to hand in hand.

    If you can make a compelling argument as to why you only need help in one area and you’re willing to spend the time reporting the other in your check-ins, I’ll give you my time and hear you out.

  • How do you handle payments?

    I use PayPal for the majority of my clients.

    This is a quick and easy system for both of us.

    I prefer recurring monthly payments over set time blocks.

    Typically I do not like someone to pay for an entire prep or an extended period of time up front.

    Retaining client’s is not a struggle I usually face and I don’t want anyone to feel committed to an extended amount of time up front.

    I know the value I bring and I’m confident you’ll see this firsthand.

    If you should feel that I’m not living up to your expectations or perhaps I’m not the person to help you, you’re not committed to any long term plan.

    If PayPal is not an option for you, reach out to me and we’ll find a way to work around this.

Instructions For Application Form


The New Client Application is provided in a fillable PDF format which allows you to enter data directly into the form using Adobe reader. Please read the FAQ section above and then either click here or on the clipboard image to the right to download the form.


  1. Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your machine. Both Mac and Windows versions of the free Adobe Reader are available from Adobe at
  2. Avoid opening this form in your web browser. Instead, save the application form to a location on your computer. If you just try to open it within your web browser using a built-in PDF viewer, or by using MAC Preview it will not work correctly.
  3. Open Adobe Reader and click File > Open and Open the file from the location in which you saved it.
  4. Complete the form and save the changes before emailing it back to me. My email is in the first paragraph of the form. Kindly send your email with the subject of “New Client Application”.

In most cases you should expect a response within 48 hours. I will respond to every inquiry so if you don’t hear from me, assume I didn’t get your email. I look forward to learning more about you!