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This calculator assumes you have a general estimation of your body fat percentage. If you do not know your body fat percentage, you can estimate it using our body fat calculator here. Please understand this calculator is simply an estimation of your calorie needs. Consistently tracking your macronutrient totals is a much more effective approach to figuring out your calorie needs, but this tool may get you on the right track if you don’t know where to start.


  • Input your weight and select a unit of measurement.
  • Input your body fat percentage.
  • Using the chart below select the activity level that best represents yourself.
  • Select your goal, to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your current weight.
  • Press calculate to see your estimated daily calorie requirements.
Activity Levels
Amount of Exercise Activity Multiplier
Little or No Exercise, Desk Job, Student = 1.2
Light Exercise, Sports/Workout for ~1 hour, 1-3x/week = 1.375
Moderate Exercise, Sports/Workout for ~1 hour, 3-5x/week = 1.55
Heavy Exercise, Sports/Workout for ~1 hour, 6-7x/week = 1.725
Very heavy exercise, Physical Job/Athlete or Training 2x/day ~1 hour each, 6-7x/week = 1.9

Common Mistakes

Be honest with yourself! If you exaggerate your activity level or underestimate your body fat you’re going to end up with a calorie level that’s not very accurate so why cheat yourself?

The Formula

This calorie calculator uses the Katch-McArdle Formula. We feel this is the most accurate formula to use when estimating energy needs because it takes into account a persons body composition. Because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, a person with a higher % of muscle mass will typically need more calories than someone who weighs the same but has more fat mass.

Do It Yourself

If you are interested in how the Katch-McArdle Formula works, or would like to do the calculation yourself, check out our article here on Calculating Calorie Needs.