So You Want To Be A Competitive Bodybuilder: Pt 1

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Becoming A Bodybuilder

In the final moments before you step out from backstage and into the lights it dawns on you that you are finally here. All the years of weight training, the months of dieting and cardio, the days of planning your posing routine, color and who to thank are all done. Now there is nothing left to do but step out under the hot stage lights and wait for the judges to call out the poses you have worked so hard to perfect.

These are the final moments before you will share the brotherhood with the rare breed of competitive bodybuilders.

Often times the journey to the competitive stage is paved with questions of why you are doing it. Many people you call friends and family will question your desire to get to levels of body fat that they can’t comprehend. Not only do you have to battle the diet, cardio and weights on a daily basis, you will also have to deal with a staggering amount of resistance. So why do you want to be a competitive bodybuilder? How do you take the steps from becoming a member of a gym to a member of the elite club of physique athletes?

Why Do You Want To Be A Bodybuilder

Pictures in magazines, videos on YouTube and stories from friends can’t describe what a bodybuilding contest is. To truly know if competitive bodybuilding is for you attendance at a show is mandatory. Only when you see the athletes on stage in their full glory can you know for sure if this journey is for you. Once you see the lean, athletic and muscular bodies posing and battling each other on stage you can then begin to picture yourself in their place. This motivation will serve you well during your impending journey. When you see the difference that a few pounds or even ounces of fat can have on a physique it will drive home the work ahead. While in attendance also be sure to notice the nuances of a bodybuilding show. Why is everyone wearing black? Why is everyone orange? Why do some people look so lean while others appear pedestrian? Bodybuilding contests are a strange environment when first discovered. This small group of people all has an obsession and these contests are the outlet for that madness. If bodybuilding or figure is an adventure you intend to take then these people will become your family.

No other place will you find people who share your drive, motivation and passion for attaining the physique that only you can see in your mind.

After attending a contest you will know if competing is for you, if so then it’s time to take the next step.
Becoming A Bodybuilder

From The Gym To The Stage

How do you take your physique from gym patron to stage legend? There are many ways to reach the next level. They all involve one thing, work! Many people have pre conceived notions about competitive bodybuilding that stem from rumors, magazines and the Bro’s in the gyms who like to talk the talk but have never actually done the walk. So how do you separate fact from fiction? Do you need to eat fish and broccoli 7 times a day and do 2 hours of cardio? How about not drinking water for 2 days before a contest, how does that work? Is it true that back stage all the contestants are trying to psyche each other out? There is one way to avoid all of this uncertainty and that is through research and finding a coach. Entering your first contest without a coach is absolutely possible. There is however far more positives to having a coach, at minimum for your first contest. When researching a coach make sure you speak to a past client and don’t be afraid to work with someone because they are based on the internet. With technology allowing for instant emails, text, video chatting and more the nearest option may not be the best. A coach will be your one stop location for all answers and insecurities. You will be working with someone who has guided many athletes to the stage and is familiar with the fragile psyche of a competitive athlete. In most cases the coach will also be a competitor as well.

Working with a seasoned competition coach is like taking a Master’s Class in Bodybuilding. All of the information and strategies you learn over the course of your preparation are lessons you will take with you forever.

Don’t hire someone who can’t explain the process or reasoning behind what they are doing. Because everyone does it is not an answer any quality coach should give. If you do decide to go into the contest with no coach by using the tools available to you, more power to you. Either way you will have a plan and be ready to being the journey to the bodybuilding stage. So when does that journey begin?
Becoming A Bodybuilder

Stay tuned for part two where the discussion will shift into choosing a contest and deciding when to begin the preparation diet.